Learn what to wear on video and how to stop being a copycat and instead find your own unique Style.

Put yourself and your brand in the very best spotlight with styling tips from European designer Hilde Fossen of Get Style Confidence.

Links Mentioned in Video ➜ 10 Easy Outfit Templates for Online Star Style at https://getstyleconfidence.com/baby/

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Hilde shares how to . . .

  • Develop the video style of your brand
  • Dress for your body type on camera,
  • Figure out your best outfits and
  • A ninja trick from the fashion world that will transform your wardrobe.

A former fashion designer, Hilde is now the go-to stylist for international women entrepreneurs.

She believes when women in business nail their style, they can wow their clients and sell even more.

Hilde’s mission is to get every single woman to fall head over heels in love with her own body by learning how to dress for her body type.

Learn what to wear on video using her secrets from years in the fashion world.

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