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In today’s social video age, you have to grab — and I mean really grab — the attention of your viewer within the first 7 seconds of your video, especially when you’re doing FB LIVE because most viewers have the sound muted and have to take action to add sound.

In seconds you have to prove that you’re worth watching and turning the sound on for. You can do it with a great title that promises something your viewer wants (an idea, story, tip, joke, drama) and you can also hook people in VISUALLY.

You can do this by printing or writing words on cards and then holding them up to the camera — more interesting than just watching somebody talk, plus you always want to SHOW rather than tell on video.

Find out (and see) ways to hook people in visually so you can get known liked and trusted online.

Make sure that all elements of your video (from locations, to wardrobe to graphics to what you’re doing), fits your brand.

Do you know what your brand promise is?  When you do you can . . .
a) strike the right emotional tone when you speak about your solution and
b) you can paint your brand visually onscreen.

Dig deep into what your brand promises emotionally and you can make insta-connection with your viewer.  Find out how to uncover that and more in my program Turn Viewers into Clients.

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Thanks for watching How to Grab Your Viewers’ Attention Visually – Originally published on FB Live in 2018.

And remember . . .

Always be the true YOU on camera.

xo Michele

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