How to look good on video:

Step 1:

You want to make sure that your face is well lit.

Step 2:

You want to put the camera lens above eye and level and the reason is is when it’s down below you can see this sort of double chin action. But whenever the camera is slightly above and the lens is pointed slightly down you don’t see any of that and it’s more flattering to your face. That’s why I recommend that if you are shooting a lot of videos that you always get some type of a tripod. Start shooting your videos with the smartphone and get a smartphone holder that will easily hold this. I will put links to both of these below this video.

Step 3:

You want to make sure that you’re wearing a color that is flattering to your skin tone. If you don’t know what that is just go in front of a mirror and put different colors right under your chin and see what does this do to my skin tone. You also want to make sure that whatever clothes you’re wearing are form-fitting. The camera does add about 10 to 15 pounds to your frame. So make sure whatever you’re wearing fits you nicely.

Step 4:

You can frame your face with jewelry so that the viewers eye is naturally drawn to your face and what you’re talking about.

Step 5:

Wear more makeup than usual. Really just even a little bit of powder to take off the shine or if you’re a man and you have a bald spot use blotting paper. I’ll put links to one of my favorites below this video to make sure there’s no shine or oil extra oil on your face.

Step 6:

Smile! You can even create the biology of happiness before you go on camera by holding a smile for a full minute before you hit record and having that warmth and that natural charisma can just happen when you smile. It even makes you look younger.

And now I’m gonna show you a little bit of a before and after so you can see how these adjustments make a difference. Right now my face is not well lit and the camera angle is not at eye level or above. It’s actually down here and so you’re gonna see this. Plus, I’m not wearing any makeup and the color I have on is not flattering to my skin tone.

Now I’ve added light. Natural light through a window is best and I’ve put the camera slightly above eye level so it is pointing slightly down. I have not added an ounce more of makeup, but I did spruce up my hair a little bit and most important I’m wearing a color that is more flattering to my skin tone. And we’re in clothing that is more form-fitting and the jewelry I’m wearing frames my face. And now, I’m wearing makeup and earrings.

So you can see the difference that it makes. Then I noticed that the webcam I’m using, the Logitech Pro C 922. which I absolutely love because it’s a USB camera that plugs right into my laptop and which I’ll give a link to below. I noticed it was giving me this blue gray tone and so I downloaded the camera settings software and removed the automatic white balance. Now you can see the rosier tones in my skin.

Those are my tips for how to look good on video and always remember to connect your eyes to the lens as you would in a natural conversation with a friend so that your viewers can feel connected to you.

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