Hi! I’m Michele. I can help you go from freak-outs to freedom on camera so you become the “go-to” expert in your space using video.

As a professional actress, on networks such as ABC, NBC, FOX & FX I’m bringing secrets from the acting world to video marketing so you can turn your viewers into clients and skyrocket sales.

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Client Testimonials

  • I went from rambling on to delivering clear, concise messages on camera. Michele taught me how to speak less & say more.
    Tiffany Jones
    Entrepreneur Academy
  • Michele gets us past those blocks of “How do I look, What am I gonna say?” so we can really connect with our people.
    Brynn Breuner
    Mindspark Branding
  • I have new tools to combat my on camera fears plus new powers of persuasion! I give Michele's program a 10.
    Violetta Krok
    VK Coaching
  • Thanks, Michele, for making it easy for me to jump in and go Live for the first time. Now I know that it is easy and I can do it any time a new idea comes to mind
    Joan Hughes
    Inner Path Solutions
  • Michele is fun, inspiring and really connected emotionally. Her tips were so valuable, I got the confidence to just start doing it — I’m going on camera!
    Maureen Tepedino
    Maureen’s Boutique
  • Michele spells everything out for you, helps you build your confidence in front of the camera, makes you feel comfortable, is a terrific person to work with.
    Sharon Nix
    Events Made Easy
  • Michele’s video critiques are brilliant. She says what needs to be said with specifics on how I can improve.
    Darrell Hyatt
    Computers with Ease
  • I’ve spent a lot of time behind the camera and have almost always been fearful of appearing on camera. Michele’s unique program has changed all that.
    Duncan Moss
    Moss Media Solutions
  • Michele models what she teaches, with her FUN on camera presence. If you're afraid to make videos she'll help with every step.
    Sandy Moniz
    Business Imagineer
  • Talking about my business was always a struggle. Now I have the right words to tell my clients what I do & why they should buy.
    Sarah Auerswald
  • Michele laid out simple ways for me to sell effectively and ask for what I want. She helped me gain confidence and speak with clarity.
    Mehrnaz Baranriz
    Investment Specialist
  • I broke though a decade of analysis paralysis. In 3 months, I went from a dozen business ideas to landing a paying client!
    Jamie Green
    Jamie Gets Me Dates

Be an On Camera Confidence VIP

Video is the fastest way to become known, liked and trusted online.  It’s the most powerful marketing tool of our time.  It allows you to come face-to-face with anyone around the world 24/7.  But you are not harnessing its full potential if you’re not bringing the very best you on camera.  I can personally coach you — based on your specific strengths, quirks and talents – so that you are the same on camera as you are off camera. I can help bring your full personality to the lens and help you paint your brand visually so that the underlying meaning of your brand always shines through.

In my 1-on-1 VIP coaching program you’ll learn:

♥ To make videos and go live with ease and impact
♥ To create a memorable message that turns views into sales
♥ To find your “it factor” so you stand out on the crowded internet
♥ To be seen as a trusted expert with irresistible content
♥ How to use the power of video marketing to build an audience fast

I’ve worked with the A-list, in both Hollywood and in business, and none of it happened by chance.  (And I had to overcome an EPIC fail on National TV to boot).   I had to overcome failure, develop my “it factor” then position my talent in the marketplace with a memorable message. I eventually learned how to walk into a room knowing exactly what makes me special, while making nerves my friend, in order to land acting jobs on TV’s hottest shows, sing backup for Ray Charles and write for two of the world’s leading business authors, Guy Kawasaki and Tom Peters.

I can show you how to overcome your fear, discover your “it factor,” write a memorable message and then go On Camera with Confidence. If you are willing to answer questions, make videos, watch them, and incorporate my specific feedback, then you’re ready for the lights, camera and action of my VIP program.

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