Michele has been featured on national shows as Money For Lunch, Selling in a Skirt, and The Inspirational Business Women Show because she offers practical tips on selling yourself and speaking with confidence. Her Hollywood stories and advice on captivating clients is refreshing, funny and easy to implement.

She’s written for publications by Tom Peters & Guy Kawasaki, founded an award-winning educational media company and as an entertainer, sang backup for Ray Charles and appeared on TV’s Boston Legal, The Shield and Parenthood.


I loved the way you shared your sales secrets on our show — turning “failure” into a fun game of going for 100 No’s to get a Yes. Your wisdom is unconventional, battle-proven and inspiring.  You’ve definitely cracked the confidence code — and cracked us up with your stories of big Hollywood fails.

Virginia Parsons  |  Host  |  Inspirational Business Women Show    .

Michele’s story about her first encounter with Ray Charles was highly entertaining.  But even better was her wisdom on how to be in the moment throughout the sales experience.  I walked away from her speech with tangible tips I can use tomorrow.

Staci Boggeri  |  Vice President |  Mar Vista Chamber   .

You were awesome on the show. You’re a real pro and your answers were thought out and made so much sense.

Judy Hoberman  |  Host  |  Selling in a Skirt   .

National Media Contributor

Speaking Topics

Sell Yourself with Confidence

The key to making sales is connecting to the emotions, actions and needs of the other person.  In this entertaining talk, Michele describes how she did just that with Ray Charles to become the only Latina Ray Charles backup singer in history.  Learn 1) how to prepare your mind and body to overcome fears, 2) how to deliver your offer with confidence, 3) how to handle rejection and 4) how to use your client’s language when describing your solution.  Learn easy to follow, actionable tools to make the sale and have fun doing it.

Audience:  Salespeople, business owners or anyone who wants to land more clients and promote themselves with confidence.

Speak with Confidence

Whether you’re making a sales presentation or speaking live or going on camera, today’s entrepreneur has to speak with confidence.  Yet so many freeze up under pressure.   Learn to amplify your charisma and harness the power of presence in this entertaining talk.   Michele will talk about how to make nerves your friend and how to powerfully connect with the emotions and actions of your audience — to influence them like never before.

Audience: Entrepreneurs, service business owners who want to speak with confidence on stage, while networking, while selling or on camera.

Bio & Photos

Michele Moreno helps entrepreneurs sell, speak and go on camera with confidence.  As a business expert, she’s appeared on national media such as Money For Lunch, Sales Babble, Selling in a Skirt and the Inspirational Business Women Show.

As an entertainer, she’s acted on TV shows such as The Shield, Boston Legal & Parenthood, and sung for thousands around the globe.

5 Questions I Most Like to be Asked

How did you convince VIP clients like Ray Charles, Tom Peters and Guy Kawasaki to work with you?

How do you overcome failure and rejection?

How do you overcome fear of public speaking / going on camera?

What is the key to selling yourself with confidence?

What is confidence and how do you get it?

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