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When it comes to networking, Mingle to Millions author Cami Baker is a shiny star. I interview her to learn her secrets.
Says Cami . . .

“The fortune’s in the follow-up the follow-through.

Let’s not be card collectors, let’s be business builders. God actually created the phone to make a phone call. It’s not just about Facebooking and texting and emailing and hiding. It’s about talking and communicating with another human being! We want to communicate, conversate collaborate to create income influence and impact — holla!

So stop going around and taking cards off tables. It’s overwhelming and it gives us a false sense of security that we have leads and what we have is a bunch of pieces of paper with phone numbers on them.

So when I get a business card I’ll write on it ‘she sang at the event,’ you know, something that reminds me of that person or what we talked about and that way when I follow up I actually have something to talk about.

Focus on the quality, not the quantity.

And, we want to take the work out of networking and instead we want to “net play” our way to success. One of the ways to do that is to stop looking at people as leads, instead, plant your seeds.

I’ll walk up to someone and say ‘Hey, tell me something about you that has nothing to do with your work or where you’re from.’ Here’s what they do . . . .

‘Hmm what a question.'”

Find out what that person almost always does by watching this video and Cami in action.

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