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How to be confident on camera

I define confidence as changing the conversation you have with yourself to turn your thoughts into action. And this is especially true in front of a video camera. So how do you get that video confidence?

Step 1: You must commit to making videos.

Practice, practice, practice your talking points, in the shower, in the car, wherever. Or record your script or talking points as an audio and then listen back to it a hundred times so that you’re ready when you hit record. You can start by making videos for yourself watching them back and asking how can I improve for the next time. With every new advance in the quality of your videos you can then show them to friends who will be nice. Then friends will who will be honest aka harsh and you know who they are. Then if you trusted clients who won’t drop you for a bad video. Then the world, world, world. And if you want to put your progress on speed-dial then you can just show your videos to the public from the get-go and collect every ounce of feedback that you can and that’s the fastest way to video mastery

Step 2: Visualize your video success.

Every day instead of seeing myself like this, I visualize this. I’m training my brain to see myself as a sexy beast on camera so that my body believes it’s already happened that way and will take action that much more easily.

Step 3: Tame Your Inner Critic.

Tame your inner critic for the day. Love her and then send her on her. Before you hit record put your inner critic in the back seat behind Plexiglas so she can’t make a peep. She can come along for the ride but she can’t drive. And guess what you cannot listen to her but she can come out when the shoot is over. Because there’s a time when you need her by your side and that’s the time to watch the replay. Because she’s a master, she’ll tell you faster, how to improve. She might drive you video cray-cray but that’s a small price to pay because if you listen to her you’ll get your digital payday. Ok? Tame your inner critic by the day.

Step 4: Stop comparing yourself to other Suzy Q’s in your space.

You don’t think I have competitors? But that doesn’t stop me because there’s always going to be people who are prettier, smarter, funnier and more successful than you. It’s true but there will always be people who are uglier, dumber, sadder and worse off than you. Like the guy whose job it is to gather with the golf balls at the driving range while it’s still open and filled with golfers driving and that’s the truth, Ruth. So only focus on the needs of your audience. Help them be prettier, smarter, happier and more successful than their competition and they will become fans and clients for a life.

Step 5: You Are Good Enough.

And this is a crucial step. With as much faith in yourself as you can muster, you must say I am good enough. Even if you don’t believe it yet, you must take video action. Roll your shoulders back, stand up tall, imagine that client who really loves you, look into his or her eyes, hit record and help them. That is how you become confident on camera!

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