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How to use LinkedIn video for more clients

Hello and welcome to Julbert Abraham, also known as the LinkedIn guy. He’s CEO of a AGM that helps businesses generate more traffic, leads and sales using LinkedIn. He has been featured in business innovators magazine, and BBC capital. He’s also a social media marketing professor, I didn’t even know that those existed, at Baruch college in NYC.  Please welcome Julbert Abraham.

Q1: What is the best type of video right now to put on your LinkedIn profile? Because I have put it on a couple and let me say this LinkedIn is hot for video right now! So if you’re making videos post them on LinkedIn! Tell us the best practices there Julbert.

A1: Oh yes so, thanks again for having me Michelle! I’m excited to be here with you today. Video is definitely super hot right now on LinkedIn and I believe there are several different type of videos that are very effective. I will say, starting first by sharing your story to the world you know so folks can know exactly how you can help them and also get a good understanding of where you came from. Because then they can relate. They can see why you do what you do.

Then the second piece of video is being able to provide value, right! The value can vary based on who you reaching out to, who’s your audience, really think about. Let’s say your are dealing with manufacturing clients, maybe you want to give them tips and advice that will benefit them when you’re going through certain challenges. If you are coach or consultant and you are dealing with entrepreneurs you know, what’s important to an entrepreneur? Is it spending more time with the family? Is it productivity? So really think about that and start creating video content around those. Or it could be interview content like we do right now, seeing different people engaging on the platform. People love seeing that and really put it in a story format. So don’t be boring, be fun and really make it something that people will enjoy watching.

So just because it’s LinkedIn and not Facebook, still apply the same social video rules of being human, edutaining, conservative? Well yeah, I would definitely say that. Here’s the thing right at the end a we all people. Although you might may, I need to be a professional, you can be professional and still be fun. You can still show and have a good time in video. Like, I’ll give you an example, I did a video when I did a training in DR and I just showed the room. Showing that I just did a great training in the DR and that video, in less than two days had 5,000 views. I’m like holy crap! I hear you!


Q2: I have a question about the story video. Is it something that you would put as a video on your profile or are you saying use it as a post video?

A2: Good question! I love that question. So I would say you could do it in too parts. For the first part you can do a short video about your story, my years of experience, what you do now and that could go in your profile. And then you can do a series of videos, which could be once a day, once a week, and that could really be that ongoing journey that you win right. So like you can talk about? Hey I’m about to do a speaking engagement or training with these groups and this is the value I’m gonna bring to them and then the next week you do another one: hey this is what I’ve learned. So now you’re creating like a whole story that people are looking forward to see. It’s kind of like your own sitcom show.

Like when I’m talking to my clients I’m always talking about how to create value and often I’m talking about people who are experts so they  really are educating. But what you are saying is don’t be afraid of that story element, your life but is it unfolds.

Yes, because people want to know about that. They want to get a peek inside your life. I mean why do we want reality TV?  and watching all the celebrities because we love those stories, we love getting a peek. So you could do the same on LinkedIn but for your business. So now it’s also attracting the right people because you providing value by sharing the lessons you learn or sharing the tips that you’ve gotten from what you’ve learned or how you’ve been able to help your clients or even testimonials. All these come to play together and become very powerful.


Q3: Well my story is, I wen to Stanford and was in a ton of musicals when I was there. I sang and acted and was in the chorus of Jesus Christ Superstar. And Allen Blue, the co-founder of LinkedIn was the director. I didn’t know he was the co-founder of LinkedIn and I found out I don’t know a year ago or something, Allen Blue co-founded LinkedIn? really! So how do I, like when you’re scared you know you’re scared to approach people because they seem so like high level, I’m not afraid to approach people but like bigwigs, how would I approach him on LinkedIn?

A3: Oh it’s very simple. So let me maybe dive into LinkedIn and actually show. So here’s this guy, Allen Blue. So you went to school with him. The first thing I like to do is see what do you guys have in common and and I scroll down and I see you know you both went to Stanford. I would start by talking about that. The commonality that you guys have.  And you say he also direct the play that you were in. So I also look at who we in common. What I would do next is I’ll go up here and I’ll go to connect. And then I add a quick note and then I’ll say

“hi Alan I don’t know the mascot for Stanford but maybe mention the mascot and then I go into more details and say something like since we both attended Stanford, I remember participating in  your musical. I remember participating on your musical” I believe we may be of value to each other. Would you be open to connect. Thank you”

You have about 300 characters you can there. That would be the introductory connection, a personalized invitation no doubt sent to him. And once he sees it and he is like oh okay, well Stanford Musical! He is more open to connect with you. Agreed to connect with you.  And then once that happens then you’ll give it a couple of days, you like some of this content if you see them post anything, and then you just follow up and say hey thanks for connecting, and then from there you start building the conversation and a relationship.

You don’t try to sell your product or say: by my service now. You don’t do any of that. You want to see see this platform as a way to build real relationships.

And with that Julbert, thanks for showing us how to use LinkedIn videos to get clients.  I just want to say let’s raise a glass, clink.