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Services for Teams

Even the best teams can struggle with presenting ideas clearly. Help them succeed with training on clear, concise and compelling communication.

Sense of purpose, innovation, conflict management and ultimately all team building comes down to one thing: effective communication.

“Employees who feel their voice is heard in the workplace are almost five times more likely (4.6x) to feel empowered to deliver their best work.” — Salesforce

In a complex, uncertain environment, high-functioning teams can save the day. Help them achieve clarity and compassion in their messages, so their ideas get heard, remembered and acted upon.


  • Become more innovative and productive with better communication
  • Experience less conflict and isolation, reducing burnout and turnover
  • Feel engaged, motivated and unified toward company goals
  • Create high-touch B2B sales videos that build trust on demand
  • Address diversity and inclusion issues for greater community

WE TRAIN + Coach

  • Clear, impactful communication that builds trust

    In a positive culture with great communicators, teams will be more creative and collaborative, waste less time, experience less stress and can solve your biggest problems. Help them develop clarity of thought and impactful messages so their voices are heard and the team’s best ideas are born. Trainings include: persuasive communication, compelling presentations and camera connection to build community.

  • Personalized videos for high-touch sales

    In a remote world, do what bots can’t: Create powerful human connection with personalized videos. If you’re vying for trust in a crowded service market, a high-touch video can elevate you above the competition. Connecting at pivotal moments in a complex sales cycle can ignite cold connections, inspire people to engage and lead to more sales. Perfect for high-touch customer service and B2B enterprise sales.

  • Difficult conversations training

    One of the biggest culprits of workplace harmony is people avoiding difficult, yet crucial conversations. This training helps team members speak up quickly, directly, and effectively when it matters most. Learn how to turn disagreement into dialogue and build a safe space for risky and challenging topics. Increase inclusion, engagement and collaboration for your teams. LEARN MORE

  • Empathy + Listening for better team BUILDING

    Empathy is the gateway to understanding. When cultivated, people feel respected and free to speak openly, and that’s when team magic happens. Yet surprisingly few professionals are trained in active listening, and even fewer realize it’s one of the fastest ways to build power and influence on a team. Improve relationships, resolve conflicts and foster innovation with emotionally intelligent teams.



A safe place to overcome stress, overwhelm, difficult conversations and burnout for greater teamwork and productivity


Book a 1:1 coaching session anytime you need it, as soon as same-day. Group trainings can be booked as soon as 24 hours.


We offer 1:1 or group coaching, trainings or a custom package based on your needs. We appreciate diverse identities.


  • improve productivity + save time with better communication
  • increase enterprise sales with highly effective videos + presentations
  • improve team performance + engagement with empathetic communication
  • experience less conflict, turnover + absenteeism
  • retain top talent when they discover renewed ease, community + confidence
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