Michele does such a good job helping us (On Camera Confidence students) move past those blocks of “How do I look, How do I sound? What am I gonna say?” so we can really connect with our people and be present.  That was my favorite part: learning to be aware of the emotions of my audience and still have full access to my own emotions and experience to create real impact and real connection. Plus, she breaks down the material into digestible chunks we can absorb. This program will accelerate your ability to reach your clients.  I’m so happy I did it.

Brynn Breuner  ♥  MindSpark Branding
Reno NV

I give Michele’s On Camera Confidence program a 10!  I have new tools to combat my on camera fears plus new powers of persuasion. I learned how to warmup before going on camera, ways to structure the content and memorize it, and how to get the message across. It’s worth every dollar. No, this is wrong — it’s worth much more than that.

Violetta Krok  ♥  VK Coaching
Ulm Germany

When I first started the On Camera Confidence program, I was making 7-minute videos that didn’t seem to have a point.  Michele told me, “Speak less & say more,” and that’s exactly what her program taught me. Now my on camera messages are clear and concise, and I can deliver them the way I want to.  I’m fully confident she can do the same for you.  Signup — you have nothing to lose!

Tiffany Jones  ♥  Entrepreneur Academy
Redondo Beach CA

As a video professional, I’ve spent a lot of time behind the camera and have almost always been fearful of appearing on camera.  Michele’s unique program has changed all that. Thanks to her amazing insights and encouragement, I’m no longer afraid to stand here (on video) to get my message out. If you haven’t had the opportunity to work with her yet, I suggest you leap at the chance.  You’ll be glad you did.

Duncan Moss  ♥  Moss Media Solutions
Halifax Canada

Michele models what she teaches, with her inspiring, engaging and FUN on camera presence. She gets people involved — she shares her passion and wants you to share yours. She put her heart & soul into this (On Camera Confidence) program to make sure everyone is incredibly trained to move forward with their business videos.

Sandy Moniz  ♥   Sandy Moniz Business Solutions
San Francisco CA

Michele’s video critiques are brilliant and one of the biggest values of her (On Camera Confidence) program. She says what needs to be said with specifics on how I can improve. I’m seeing a new confidence with clients and even when I’m out and about – it translates to every part of my life.

Darrell Hyatt  ♥  Computers With Ease
Vancouver Canada

Michele is fun, inspiring and really connected emotionally with all of us at her live video workshop. She practices what she preaches! Her tips were so valuable, I got the confidence to just start doing it — I’m going on camera!

Maureen Tepedino  ♥  Maureen’s Boutique
Marina Del Rey CA

Michele made learning how to go LIVE lots of fun with her lively way of teaching and her great info and tips. I loved how she wove in her acting background: that got me really inspired. Thanks, Michele, for making it easy for me to jump in and go Live for the first time. Now I know that it is easy and I can do it any time a new idea comes to mind

Joan Hughes  ♥  Inner Path Solutions
Ottawa Canada

I’d tried Facebook Live in the past and decided it wasn’t for me. It felt so distant and detached. Then Michele’s infectious passion for going onscreen gave me reason to try it again. The cool thing was, Michele encouraged me to make my illustrations part of my presentation. When I did that, it was so much more fun. I posted three videos in the same afternoon!

Steve Garvin  ♥  Change thru Story
Tacoma WA

Michele over delivers! I needed to get over the fear of putting myself out there on camera. Her support and encouragement helped me focus on the right things — I never even paid attention to how I looked. Even after the video! I could see some changes I needed to make, but with Michele’s positive feedback, I felt really good about it. Michele spells everything out for you, helps you build your confidence in front of the camera, makes you feel comfortable, has a great sense of humor and is a terrific person to work with. I highly recommend working with Michele. You’ll be glad you did.

Sharon Nix  ♥  Events Made Easy
Laconia, NH

I knew (for years!) that video would help me and my clients. I even kept telling my clients about visibility, but didn’t do it to its full extent myself. Michele’s natural, authentic style helped me face my fears and connect to people through that lens. Now I make videos on a regular basis, published a new YouTube channel — and more is in the works!

Manuel Shipwood  ♥
Munich, Germany

I feel like Michele knows me better than I know myself! If it weren’t for the confidence I got from her, I don’t know that I would’ve pitched myself to lead a project so far out of my normal scope of work.  Instead of backing away, I got the help I needed then presented my proposal to the client – and got the job!

Nishita Doshi  ♥  Graphic Designer
West Los Angeles CA

Michele’s confidence is infectious and I’m more confident about my business than ever!  Talking about my business was always a struggle. Michele helped me find the right words so my clients understand what I do and why they should buy.  Her sales training really helped me get to the core of what my brand is all about – and the best way to communicate that.  Plus it was fun!

Sarah Auerswald  ♥  MomsLA
Mar Vista CA

Michele is absolutely amazing.  She helped me gain confidence, speak with clarity, and define boundaries with clients.  She is savvy in business and has a knack for solving challenges — especially with poor communicators and tough clients.  Most of all, she is patient, professional and teaches a compassionate style of selling.  She laid out simple ways for me to sell effectively and ask for what I want with confidence.

Mehrnaz Baranriz  ♥  Investment Specialist
Porter Ranch CA

In just 3 months with Michele, I went from having a dozen business ideas, to picking one, launching it and landing a paying client!! Michele helped me break though a decade of “analysis paralysis,” (perfectionism and fear). She offered nuts and bolts advice, helped me set and meet specific goals, and, of most value, got me off my *ss even when I thought I wasn’t ready. I’ve learned that success is as much (if not more) audacity than skill or experience. I launched with no start-up money and skipped a bunch of steps that in the past would have stalled or outright stopped me. Invaluable she is. (To use Yoda syntax). Thank you Michele. I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, have done it without you!

Jamie Green  ♥ Jamie Gets  Me Dates
Santa Barbara CA

Over the last six months, I have had the honor, pleasure and joy of working with Michele as my business coach. When I started with Michele I was at an all-time low, my personal and professional life had been completely shattered. I had no motivation to build a business that for 15 years had never taken off. I was at a sub-zero confidence rating. After just a few months, my life started to turn around. My business started to grow, and my confidence started to build. Today I am no longer afraid to ask for clients and to expect money. I look at my life and my work as a fun challenge to be embraced, versus a problem to be avoided. My confidence is at least a 6.5 and rising each day. I am happy, and most importantly, I am bringing in money. I credit Michele with much of this transformation. I could not have turned myself around without her energy, enthusiasm, advice and encouragement. I have new found confidence, clients and cash. What could be better?

Phyllis V. ♥  Consultant
Philadelphia PA

Meeting Michele was one of the best days of my life. After sending her just a few articles, she immediately understood my industry. There are people with 20 years in the field who don’t get it the way she does. When I have a concern, what I may have been worrying about for weeks or not resolving, she can within 5 minutes say, “this is where you need to focus.” That’s invaluable. It is so difficult to get someone like that in your life, (someone) who can understand your business and help you. Thank you coach Michele. Our meeting was meant to be.

Katherine Conway ♥  Reliant Health Consulting
Marina del Rey CA

Michele Moreno is a force of nature. My business (and life) was in utter chaos. I found myself in fear about everything and I had to reinvent myself. Enter coach Michele. Her guidance and unrelenting encouragement helped me find hidden abilities, and a new sense of confidence. With that, I landed my best client ever! She is super intelligent and creative and filled with game-changing energy. If you have the good fortune of finding out about Michele, I highly recommend working with her. She will change your life.

Linda Amador ♥  Vintage Rewire
West Los Angeles CA

I found Michele when I was particularly lost as a solo-preneur. I wanted a big change, but I lacked direction. Michele’s guidance was invaluable during those weeks and months. She helped me find focus and gain skills to control my negative self-talk and low self-worth. With her help, I was able to: 1) recognize the massive accomplishments and successes I had already had, 2) continue learning from my failures, and 3) define the steps I needed to get my professional life where I wanted it to be. She helped me create a work environment and schedule that prioritized my time and effort, leading to bigger, better and faster, results than I would have ever had on my own.

Jennifer R.  ♥ Editor
Marina Del Rey CA