I give your program a 10! I have new tools to combat my on camera fears plus new powers of persuasion. I learned how to warmup, structure content and memorize it, and get my message across.


Founder ♥ VK Coaching


When I first started with you, I was making 7-minute videos that didn’t seem to have a point. You taught me how to speak less and say more. Now my messages are clear and concise, and I can deliver them the way I want to.


Founder ♥ Entrepreneur Academy


I used to be really afraid to be on video – I didn’t like the way I sounded or looked.  Michele gave me the confidence not only to do it, but to actually enjoy making videos.  I learned to connect with my audience, make my message concise and so much more!


Founder ♥ Salud y Alegria Wellness


Just making the weekly videos and getting Michele’s feedback on them makes Turn Viewers Into Clients  worth it.  Her critiques are very detailed: she gives insightful, to-the-point, and practical suggestions on how to improve. Through it all she’s very positive and kind, don’t you worry. If you’re serious, however about improving your video skills, Michele’s course will give you the results. Lights, camera, action!


Creator ♥ The Agile Minute


This woman is amazing. Her True You program is amazing.  It transforms you on camera so others can connect with you — and know exactly what it is you do, why you’re doing it and how it will benefit them.  This is not a program to miss out on. I love every moment that I’m looking into the viewfinder. I feel confident, I feel precise and I know that people are going to be contacting me because of the how I connected with them on camera.


Creator in Chief ♥ Brandworx Productions


When Michele offered her program Turn Viewers Into Clients I knew I had to do it.  It terrified me because, being on camera is TERRIFYING!  When I first started I could barely move and I was just staring at the camera.   . . .  Michele gave feedback that was so spot-on and made me feel so comfortable, I got two things 1. I’m comfortable on camera (which would’ve NEVER happened before) and 2.   I have content that I feel comfortable putting out to the public – and that is absolutely amazing!  Her feedback is priceless.


Founder ♥ Authentically You


Michele does such a good job helping us move past those blocks of “How do I look, How do I sound? What am I gonna say?” so we can really connect with our people and be present.  I learned to be aware of the emotions of my audience and still have full access to my own emotions and experience. This level of presence creates real impact and connection.  Her program will accelerate your ability to reach your clients, which is helpful in anybody’s business.


Brynn Breuner
Founder ♥ MindSpark Branding


As a video professional I’ve spent a great deal of time working behind the camera and have almost always been fearful of appearing on camera.  Michele’s unique coaching program has changed all that. Thanks to her amazing insights and encouragement, I’m no longer afraid to stand here (on camera) to get my message out.


Duncan Moss
Founder ♥ Moss Media


Michele over delivers! Her support and encouragement helped me build confidence in front of the camera — I never even paid attention to how I looked, even after the video!  She spells everything out for you, and is a terrific person to work with.


Founder ♥ Events Made Easy


I knew (for years!) that video would help me — I kept telling my clients about visibility, but didn’t do it to its full extent myself.  Michele helped me naturally and authentically face all those fears and connect to people through that lens. I now make videos on a regular basis and published a YouTube channel.  I really recommend her programs – they’re worth it!


Manuel Shipwood
Owner ♥


If you’re afraid of creating videos, Michele will help you at every step.  She models what she teaches, with her inspiring, engaging and FUN on camera presence.  She shares her passion and wants you to share yours.


Sandy Moniz
Business Imagineer ♥ Sandy Moniz Solutions


Michele’s video critiques are brilliant and one of the biggest values of her program. She says what needs to be said with specifics on how to improve. I’m seeing new confidence with clients and when I’m out and about – it translates to every part of my life.


Founder ♥ Computers Made Easy


Michele made learning how to go FB LIVE lots of fun with her lively way of teaching and her great info and tips. I loved how she wove in her acting background: that got me really inspired. Now I can jump in and go LIVE any time a new idea comes to mind. Thanks Michele!


Joan Hughes
Founder ♥ Inner Path Solutions


Michele’s confidence is infectious and I’m more confident about my business than ever!  Talking about my business was always a struggle.  Michele helped me find the right words so my clients understand what I do and why they should buy.  Her sales training really helped me get to the core of what my brand is all about – and the best way to communicate that.  Plus it was fun!


Sarah Auerswald
Co-Founder ♥ MomsLA



I’m so happy I brought in Michele as a presenter. I loved how she wrangled the crowd and got everyone to shoot a video on the spot with their smartphones. The hands-on aspect of her presentation is what makes her different. It’s not a boring lecture — it’s a fun, ‘Let’s do this. Now, together’ experience.


Jennifer Wilson
Founder ♥ L.A. Social Karma


Michele is fun, inspiring and really connected emotionally with all of us at her video workshop. She practices what she preaches! Her tips were so valuable, I got the confidence to just start doing it — I’m going on camera!


Maureen Tepedino
Owner ♥ Maureen’s Boutique


When Michele spoke to my Mastermind group she crushed it. She went deep into why we fear the camera and how we make the emotional connection necessary to get our video viewers to take the next step with us.  My tribe loved her enthusiasm. She also did a hands-on exercise where everyone shot a video with their smart phone.  She went beyond superficial talk, and made it a truly interactive learning experience.


Ari Squires
Creator ♥ She.E.O Publishing & Profit Attraction Academy


Michele’s story about her first encounter with Ray Charles was highly entertaining.  But even better was her wisdom on how to be in the moment throughout the sales experience.  I walked away from her speech with tangible tips I can use tomorrow.


Staci Boggeri
Vice President ♥ Mar Vista Chamber



Michele’s wisdom is unconventional, battle-proven and inspiring.  She has definitely cracked the confidence code — and also cracked me up with her stories of big Hollywood fails along the way.


Virginia Parsons
Webcast Host ♥ The Inspirational Business Women’s Show


Thank you Michele for a phenomenal, inspirational show and for being you!!!


Al Diaz
Radio Host ♥ Rewrite Your Story


You were awesome on the show. You’re a real pro and your answers were thought out and made so much sense.


Judy Hoberman
Radio Host ♥ Selling in a Skirt


Thank you Michele!  Your on camera tips and methods will help our listeners achieve even greater success.


Ronald Couming
Radio Host ♥ Internet Marketing & Business Solutions



I’ve made many appearances as a guest on online events and conferences, and I have to say I was so impressed by Michele.  She was an amazing host – so organised and aiming to make my life as easy as possible. On her video series, she made me feel so at ease. Not only that, but she made it fun, and brought some singing into the mix with a theme song!


Ian Anderson Gray
Founder ♥ Seriously Social


I frankly dislike summits and never do them. But Michele’s On Camera Confidence series is terrific!  I haven’t gotten this information from anywhere else, which is what makes it so valuable.


Founder ♥ Joyful Success Coaching


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