On Camera Confidence


Gain massive online exposure & become a client magnet with charismatic, confident video performances. Learn the secret to getting viewers to take action. Create videos that sell & connect  you with your perfect peeps. Stop being a secret online.
♥ Shine, baby Shine!!! ♥

  •  Video presence & a message that connects
  • Submit 5 videos in a supportive, private FB group
  • Get 5 expert critiques
    for on camera confidence
  • Promo videos that sell!
  • 4 Live Q&A coaching calls
    to overcome any video challenge
  • 24/7 online training access
  • Accelerated pace * 5 weeks


Marketing Mimosas

$129 per mo * 6 mos.

Use coaching feedback & accountability to create stellar videos each month. Create a sizzling content plan that works with your marketing strategy & your strengths.  Get back your sanity, productivity & online impact with a pro-active, inspiring plan. 
♥ Online Fame & Fun! ♥

  • Content & Marketing Strategy Sessions * You need a plan! 
  • Be accountable for 1 video per month * stay on task
  • Get 1 expert critique per mo.
    for videos that sell & shine! 
  • 5-minute training cuz' your time is precious!
  • 2 Live Q&A sessions per month. Strategy, feedback, support & guest experts!
  • Monthly training & worksheets
  • 6 month coaching program 


Thrive on FB Live


"Go FB Live" & experiment in a private FB Group. Get step-by-step instructions & expert feedback.  Learn how to create compelling broadcasts.  Learn how to speak on the fly & use interviews to turbo-charge your social media. This class is a pilot taught LIVE!
  ♥ Go LIVE, baby LIVE! ♥

  •  LIVE basics & tips so you can practice in privacy
  • Go Live 4x in a supportive, private FB group
  • Get 4 expert critiques
    for Live confidence
  • Learn to go Live & shine, everytime!
  • 4 Live training sessions along with Q&A
  • Access to replays 24/7 
  • Accelerated impact * 4 weeks

"I give On Camera Confidence a 10!  I have new tools to combat my on camera fears plus new powers of persuasion.