Once upon a time there was a fantastic entrepreneur who was brilliant at what she did, But . . . 

. . . she wasn't grabbing people's attention online. She knew Video Marketing could fast forward her brand, if she could just bring her full personality, captivating story and charisma to the lens. 

But whenever she hit record, her personality would not only freeze, it would fly out the window! -- along with all that lost marketing opportunity. How could she get past the negative self-talk? Fear of judgement? And tech overwhelm? How could she just be herself on camera?

Frustration and video defeat were moving in. Oh NO! But then . . . she heard about a fab FREE mini-course. . .

. . . the On Camera Confidence Cocktail

Suddenly she had tools! Tools to end the fear and bring out her personal "it" factor on camera. She went from near defeat to video confidence and it started with that first step.  

Does she still have to prepare? Practice? And tame the negative-thought beast? Of course! But now she knows exactly how. AND how to create the emotional connection with her tribe that will grow her email list, client list and brand online. Fast!

Now she brings her message to life with On Camera CONFIDENCE. And so can you with this Confidence Cocktail.

♦ Secrets from the acting world to bring charisma, connection and your full personality to every video you do, for higher conversion. Snap.

♦ Ways to overcome your fears and move past negative thoughts such as "I look terrible" or “I’m gonna sound like a vidiot.” Tame your inner critic ya'll! 

♦ How to make an emotional connection -- so your viewers don't takeoff to watch cat videos. Meow.  

♦ 10 easy steps to making great looking videos. "Goodbye" tech overwhelm. "Hello" clients. 

♦ Plus you'll get 1 FREE video critique with specific ways to up your video game. Hollah!

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